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Sunny days still bring the heat, but cooler nights hint of things to come.

Now off the Endangered Species List, gray wolves are once again being hunted in several states. Are these beautiful creatures thriving, or threatened?


One year after the Bighorn Fire, what have we learned about its impact, and the potential for future infernos?


To quote Charles Schultz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Dogs may not be the cure to all of our ills of the past year, but they have helped many Tucsonans to get through a very tough time. In the following pages, we salute the canine heroes who took part in our annual Cover Dog Search.

Native Southwest plants and animals are rapidly disappearing from our area of the state. Jennifer Patton, a local landscape architect, and her husband and business partner Ben Wilder investigate the reasons why, and what can be done to stop the extinction.