Letter from the Editor

A Tail With A Happy Outcome

Photo by Tom Spitz

Take a good look at Gordon on our cover and gaze deep into his eyes.

Scientific research has found that when dogs and their human companions share long eye contact, the levels of oxytocin — the love hormone — increase in both.

But anyone who has shared their life with a dog already knows that. They also know that going on walks, relaxing with a cup of coffee and a book, listening to jazz, and whipping up a big weekend dinner are all better in the company of a dog, too.

Our annual Cover Dog Search celebrates the many ways in which having canines in our lives makes us whole, as individuals, and as a community. This year, about 150 dogs showed up, not only vying for a place on our cover, but helping to raise money to benefit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. To read more about Gordon, and our runner-up, Scout, as well as see many other tailwaggers, turn to page 28.

Fortunately, the Old Pueblo boasts many restaurants with patios that are dog-friendly, so you can bring your canine buddy while you enjoy a meal. We asked Sarah Burton to visit six eateries that are happy to serve you and your well-mannered furry friend. Turn to page 32 to see our pet approved picks!

There’s lots more to peruse, too. Our In Health (beginning on page 40) will update you on evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders. Learn what glass sculptures Tom Philabaum considers his favorites on pages 66-73. Checkout events happening around town in Datebook, beginning on page 17. And should you need legal services, you’ll certainly want to study the list that starts on page 46, excerpted from Best Lawyers in America, compiled by Best Lawyers and Co. LLC.

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