In these days of uncertainty, Tucsonans are staying home more often. The stresses of the pandemic affect our mental health and well-being, and many people are finding solace in gardening and improving their backyard environment.

According to garden experts, one of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor design is creating meditative spaces. Turning one’s landscape into an oasis can be restorative and therapeutic. So that the project itself doesn’t elevate your stress level, the pros suggest that it is best to enhance one area at a time.

You don’t have to go to the far reaches of your property to find tranquility — a relaxing spot might be right outside your door. The transformation can begin by simply adding a comfortable chair and a few select plants.

Secrets to Creating a Tranquil Garden Setting

Just Add Water

Water in a garden has soothing auditory and visual effects, and attracts wildlife. A water feature can be as simple as a bubbling pottery fountain, or as elaborate as a koi pond or cascading waterfall.

Sound Affects

Outdoor speakers are commonplace these days, so music or nature sounds can waft through the garden.

Feather Watch

Choose native plant species preferred by birds, and provide water for your avian visitors with a bubbler fountain.

A New Zen-sation

Less is more in Asian-inspired landscape designs. Choose minimal plantings and utilize gravel and stones to create a corner area that’s perfect for yoga.

Dry & Mighty

Drought-tolerant gardening helps to conserve water. Native trees, shrubs, cacti, succulents and grasses add interest and texture, as well as providing food and shelter for local fauna.

Pop Goes the Patio

Add pops of color to neutral furniture with pillows, cushions, an outdoor patio curtain and glazed pottery. Define the space with an outdoor rug.

A Brush With Greatness

Paint is a reliable and inexpensive way to enliven tired and worn block walls, fences, wood, metal or rattan tables and chairs.

A Shade Better

Patio umbrellas and shade sails are affordable, essential mainstays for spring and summer comfort.

To Dine For

Alfresco dining is certainly in season! A shaded table can add an escape on a nice afternoon or evening.

Now You’re Cooking

An herb garden can expand your culinary horizons, even if you only have a small space. Plant herbs in containers, a raised garden bed, or in the ground.

Hit the Mute Button

Keep the scene serene by not overusing bright colors, instead relying on subtle accents of hue.

This Is Sit

Seating is an essential element, whether in the form of a full patio set, chaise lounges or a hammock.

The “Ahhhs” Have It

A ramada, cabana, or a pergola offer a secluded spot to unwind.

Go With the Glow

Inexpensive string lights are easy solutions for adding evening ambience. Additional landscape illumination, such as uplighting, can transform plants into sculptural elements.

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