A local couple wanted their home remodeled — and decorated for a Christmas Eve wedding.

The team from Interiors In Design recently completed a remodeling project for their clients. Just as the work was finishing up, the homeowners asked them to create their holiday décor as well, in anticipation of their upcoming Christmas Eve nuptials.

To get a better idea of the style of décor desired, Interior Designer Brandy Holden and her client visited Askren & Sons, a wholesale company that serves the trade. While on site, they chose key holiday items to blend with the color palette used in the home, including shades of deep purple, soft pink and white. To add sparkle, they mixed in items with metallic accents.

The home is quite large, so scale was an important consideration. The focal point of the décor was a large faux, pre-lit tree that reached to the 12-foot ceiling. Over-sized ornaments and wide swaths of ribbon created the look they wanted.

The large stone fireplace was decked with personalized stockings from Pottery Barn. Fresh white poinsettias from Green Things were strategically placed. Many LED candles and mini lights were woven into garlands, wreaths and tablescapes throughout the design.

The entire Interiors In Design team, including Eva Murzaite, Ana Fernandez and Nohema Verdugo, finished transforming the beautiful new space just in time for the couple’s wedding celebration!


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