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Whether you want to drift along peacefully in a houseboat, fish for bass and channel catfish, or hoof it over the picturesque rocks in one of the most beautiful areas of Arizona, Lake Powell has a lot to offer.

Situated on the Arizona/Utah border, Lake Powell was formed in 1963 as part of the project that created the Glen Canyon Dam. It took about 16 years for the water from the Colorado River to fill it to the 3,700-foot level. Though the lake itself draws recreationers for the many water sport opportunities, there’s much to explore through hiking, horseback riding, or even by taking a helicopter tour.

One of the most popular spots to visit on land is Rainbow Bridge, a natural Navajo and Kayenta Sandstone formation in South Lake Powell. Rising some 290 feet, it extends 275 feet across the channel. It’s not only breathtaking on its own, there also is a dinosaur footprint (believed to be from a Dilophosaurus) near the bridge, as well as a petroglyph that dates from the late 19th or early 20th century.

Lake Powell is a destination for people from all around the world, so it’s recommended that you book your rental of a houseboat and/ or speedboat, as well as any guided trips (horseback, rafting) well in advance. From Wahweap and Bullfrog Marinas, you can even rent watercraft such as jet skis or kayaks, if that’s more your style.

Of course, given the natural beauty of the area, and its distance from major cities, there are some things you can do totally unscheduled, such as stargazing. Whether you are on a houseboat, or docked on a beach, one look up at the night sky and you’ll be blown away with the vast number of stars you can observe with the naked eye. Bring a telescope if you want to be even more amazed.

You won’t have to rough it when you visit Lake Powell. In South Lake, the Lake Powell Resort offers amenities that include a fitness facility, pools, hot tub and sauna, multiple dining options, and lake view rooms. Across the water in North Lake, Defiance House Lodge has a more rustic feel, but still provides extraordinary vistas, dining, and WiFi.

New to the scene is the Hyatt Place Page/Lake Powell. For those who have expanded the work-from-home concept into workfrom- vacation, there’s free WiFi and remote printing, free public computers with high-speed internet, and a separate workspace in the guest room. And because it’s a Hyatt, there are all the creature comforts like KenetMD skin and hair care products.

But you may just find yourself looking up at the vast blue sky, feeling the lure of the water, and deciding that Nature is the greatest amenity of all.

One of the best parts of visiting Lake Powell is exploring the picturesque surroundings. Despite the rugged conditions, there are a number of plush places to stay nearby.