The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) announced today, in collaboration with The University of Arizona, a survey designed to gather data directly from the workforce to reveal the alignments/misalignments between the perceived motivators and enticers that attract or retain talent and what actually motivates talent to apply or stay. 

With this evidence, businesses can have statistical analysis about the thoughts and values of the workforce in Tucson.

Rob Elias, President/CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber states, “In the recent past, there has been a lot of discussion around workforce development but little conversation about workplace development. We continue to see troubling trends in unemployment, a decline in employee engagement, a decline in workforce satisfaction, and increased levels of stress and anxiety. And this climate assessment may help uncover the changes in mentality around work from the perspective of workers with the hope of improving the landscape of business.”

The questionnaire, now available to be filled out by anyone in any industry, takes an average of three minutes to complete and can be accessed from the Tucson Hispanic Chamber website ( or direct link: The findings will be revealed at an event in the fall.