Jane Hamilton

Jane Hamilton

Owner, Jane Hamilton Fine Art Photo by Thomas Veneklasen

Q: Where were you born?

New Jersey, but raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It’s very beautiful and historic.

Q: How did you become interested in your career field?

I fell into the art world in Taos, New Mexico, in 1979 through an answer to a prayer while living in a teepee. I was a “natural” — that is, selling art before I knew what I was doing, as though I had been trained and knew what this unique business was all about! I had a background in sales and management from Jordan Marsh Company in Boston, and had attended Brandywine College, a business junior college in Delaware. But, in 1979 my art dealer and gallery curating began. In 1985, I moved to Tucson and worked in a couple of art venues before starting my own fine art gallery in March of 1992 in Bisbee.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of your job?

Balancing the needs of the artists and the collectors in an ever-changing business, while being open to new opportunities for the gallery with new artists, and potential increased sales and expansion.

Q: What is the greatest reward of your job?

First of all, I love people! I enjoy watching the creative process through my business. I enjoy getting to know the artists, learning about their creative process, then seeing the work come in, and sometimes delivering it to its new home, where it will live and be appreciated for a lifetime.

Q: Do you have any family members in Tucson?

My husband Tom Murray, and my daughter Sarah Hamilton, both of whom are fabulous artists.

Q: What was the last book you read, and what did you enjoy the most about it?

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton — great read of family history and timeline between England and Australia. I like to read about two or three books every week.

Q: What’s your favorite food indulgence?

Who doesn’t love dark chocolate? But really, my favorite treat would be black licorice from Germany or Holland.

Q: In 20 words or less, describe your perfect day.

Swimming laps, visits from my grown kids and granddaughters, and hearing from a collector/friend with compliments about my gallery.