Wedding Checklist

6-12 Months Before The Wedding

° Choose the date of the wedding.

° Determine the wedding budget.

° Select the location of the ceremony and reception.

° Decide upon the time for the wedding: will it be an afternoon affair, an evening event, indoors or outdoors?

° Schedule an appointment with a pastor or rabbi for church or synagogue weddings.

° Meet with a judge or wedding officiant to conduct the ceremony, if applicable.

° Interview and select a wedding coordinator, if applicable.

° Call several florists and set dates to meet.

° Make appointments with several photographers who specialize in weddings.

° Set appointment with several videographers.

° Decide on the type of music you want. You’ll need music for entrance of groom, his parents and attendants; music for bride’s entrance and music for recessional.

° Set meeting dates with several musicians and/or bands and disc jockeys.

° Discuss who will be in the wedding party: attendants, honor attendants, groomsmen, ushers, flower girls, ring bearers and invite them to participate.

° Shop for wedding gown and accessories.

° Shop for attendants’ gowns.

° Determine the wedding theme and color scheme.

° Pick out wedding rings and order.

° Get a copy of Tucson Lifestyle Weddings and begin your checklist.

° Consider designing a wedding website for friends and family.


3-6 Months Before The Wedding

° Design and mail a "Save The Date" notice to family and friends.

° Select and order wedding invitations or announcements.

° Register for wedding gifts at several stores.

° Decide upon wedding flowers for ceremony, reception and bridal party. (To aid in this, bring a photo or fabric swatch of wedding gown and attendants' gowns).

° Discuss dates for showers and parties.

° Purchase hostess gifts.

° Discuss the time of wedding rehearsal and decide on location for rehearsal dinner.

° Reserve rooms at three hotels of varying price categories for out-of-town guests and attendants.

° Visit several bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes. Sample the cake, decide on type, design and size of cake. Place your order.

° Talk with mother of bride and mother of groom about coordinating dress colors and styles.

° Sign contract with band or disc jockey you select.

° Decide on wedding invitations and order them.

° Choose someone to handle the guestbook.

° Submit your wedding list to a calligrapher, if applicable.

° Decide upon a honeymoon location and book reservations.

° Interview a makeup artist and hair stylist for bride and attendants.

° Write thank you notes for shower gifts.

° Compile guest list for rehearsal dinner.

° Visit rental store and decide on attire for groom and attendants.

° Set dates for bachelor and bachelorette parties.


6-8 Weeks Before The Wedding

° Mail the wedding invitations.

° Schedule the final fitting of your wedding gown.

° Select gift for groom; select gift for bride.

° Finalize details with photographer, videographer, disc jockey or band.

° Consider assembling welcome baskets with snacks and drinks for out-of-town guests. Place maps to party and reception sites in the basket.


4-8 Weeks Before The Wedding

° Complete thank you notes for shower gifts.

° Begin writing thank you notes for wedding gifts.

° Devise seating chart for wedding guests.

° Obtain a marriage license.


2 Weeks Before The Wedding

° Do any necessary checks with vendors and verify delivery times and dates.

° Make any necessary name changes on bank accounts and official documents.


1 Week Before The Wedding

° Provide a final guest count to the reception coordinator.

° Arrange transportation for guests from airport.

° Confirm all appointments for makeup and hair.

° Have welcome baskets delivered to hotels for out-of-town guests.

° Compose wedding event schedules for wedding attendants.

° Have a facial and body treatments such as exfoliation and self-tanning application.


On The Wedding Day

° Have hair and makeup done.

° Drink lots and lots of water.

° Stay away from caffeine and alcohol prior to the ceremony.

° Eat a well-balanced breakfast.

° Get a little morning exercise. Just a simple walk will help alleviate pre-nuptial jitters.

° Consider a massage for relaxing.

° Take a minute to reflect upon this, your special day.