Winner of the 2018 Project Makeover

When you want to lose 10 pounds visually, vertical dressing is the way to go.
Becky is wearing black leggings and black top with a long sweater duster.
Vince Camuto charcoal booties complete the vertical look, as well as bring
additional style to the outfit! A long necklace works together with
the lines of the sweater duster. From Dillard’s Tucson Mall.

Every woman needs a classic black dress in her wardrobe line up!
This Calvin Klein fitted black dress shows off Becky’s curves while
hiding her tummy with the added support of Spanx. Her necklace follows
the neckline of her dress. To complete the look, her leopard shoes add a
bit of edginess to the classic look. Outfit from Dillard’s Tucson Mall.

Hanging out with her family at Sentinel Peak Brewing Company, a microbrewery
with a full Southwest-style food menu, Becky is wearing a Michael Kors navy
V-neck top with vertical zipper detail piping down the sides. From Buffalo Exchange.
Hair and makeup for the cover and the three reveal outfits
by the very talented Vanessa Baird, owner of Studio 110.

The wave blue print blouse by Calvin Klein complements Becky’s blue eyes.
Black cardigan and gray dress pants by Calvin Klein complete the ensemble and
make this a great casual business day look! Outfit from Dillard’s Tucson Mall.

Project Makeover
-- meet the winner of our online contest!


Becky MacEwen

Environmental Protection Specialist with the US Department of the Interior’s Office of Restoration & Damage Assessment

Married to Jeff; they have two sons — Rhyse (9) and Zane (6)

Why she wanted to win the makeover:
Becky wanted to look and feel better and upgrade her appearance at work. Most importantly, she needed help to get started in a new direction with her wardrobe and body image. Her time and energy is spent taking care of her family, which requires extra effort while her husband is completing med school.

“This makeover has been a wake-up call to just how much I have neglected myself; a sort of new beginning toward showing the world what I feel inside — confident and beautiful.”

STEP 1: Style and closet evaluation

Becky’s body type is a petite full figure with curves. The goal always with a petite frame is to elongate the body. With a full curvy figure, it’s critical to minimize the fluff in the midsection, while showing off the curves, and other parts of the body that are the best assets. With Becky, it was very important to bring attention to her beautiful face with the right colors, jewelry, and tops with the perfect degree of detail.

Editing her closet, it was clear that many of her clothes were not fitting correctly. They were either too small or the fabric was pulling in unwanted ways, and many styles simply were not complementary. The goal was to move away from quantity and poor quality fabrics and instead have fewer items in the closet with quality fabrics. Quality fabrics result in a better drape in the garment and a more flattering fit. With a fuller curvy body this is a strategy that works — quality not quantity!

Extra Tips for a Full Curvy Body:

•Ruching on tops around the midsection.
•V-neck tops.
•Structure with jackets, i.e., lapels that open up to see the décolleté, rather than a Mandarin style that will look boxy and add more fabric, making the wearer look bigger.
•Vertical dressing: Wearing all the same color from shoes to shoulders.

STEP 2: Shopping at Dillard’s & Buffalo Exchange

Great pieces were added to Becky’s wardrobe using the $700 prize money. She was looking for items that improved her image for work. We chose a perfect black sheath dress; black leggings; and long sweater dusters. We also found cute print blouses she could wear with dress pants, leggings or jeans. Again, the key was quality fabric, especially with the leggings. Great looking leggings need a heavier fabric with stretch that will lift, support and suck you in!

Shoe pairings? Michael Kors leopard pumps, of course, and a Vince Camuto charcoal bootie for her leggings, new fitted skinny jeans, and Calvin Klein dress pants.

Shopping at Buffalo is always exhilarating because you never know what you will find. We did just that with Becky’s $250 prize money. Buffalo offers gently used or even new designer labels at an affordable price. We scored with cute work and weekend tops, sweaters, vests, pants and shoes for her wardrobe.

STEP 3: Accentuating her features

Chanel was the makeup line used for her makeover at Dillard’s. Beautiful natural makeup was applied by Christina Salazar, Dillard’s leading makeup artist. Becky’s skin, freckled and uneven in tone, was smoothed out with foundation and concealer. Brows were filled in, brown eye shadow applied to make her blue eyes pop, and two shades of lipstick were applied for the shoot — a rosy brown for day and a power red for night!

Monica Negri, founder of Ten Outfits Style and Wardrobe Consulting and Interior Décor...
has knowledge and expertise that come from years of being in the fashion field — originally in the San Francisco Bay Area and, since 2009, in Tucson. She has styled women with all budgets in mind, evaluated closets of every size, and personal-shopped for clients around the country. She also conducts regularly scheduled style workshops. She created Project Makeover in 2014 with the objective of giving a lucky lady the opportunity for a complete transformation, and to encourage all women to let their inner beauty shine through. Her first workshop of 2018 will be “Ten Spring Trends to Wear in Tucson.” Location TBA. Cost $20.00 including a complimentary guest pass. Visit Monica’s website for more information on her services, as well as her style workshops. tl