Letter from Editor-In-Chief

The Scenery is the Star

Photo by Jon Wolf Photography

Old Tucson Studios has been a Western filmmaker’s best friend since 1940, providing sets and more for productions featuring everyone from John Wayne to Sharon Stone. It was our first and only choice for a cover photo depicting a Clint Eastwood-type character arriving in a desert town. Our gratitude goes out to the crew at the famous movie location, as well as to actor Steven Belknap, for making the shoot such a success.

But what often captivates us about movies filmed in our region is the landscape. The azure skies, the soaring mountain peaks, the majestic saguaro cacti are all distinctive elements that have become iconic. A new exhibit — Desert Hollywood — beginning this month at the Tucson Desert Art Museum, shines a spotlight on how the scenery of Arizona and Utah became a star in motion pictures and shaped how the world looks at the West. You can get a preview beginning on page 40.

There is a lot to see and do over the next six weeks or so, including three major festivals — Tucson Desert Song Festival, Tucson Jazz Festival and Tucson International Jewish Film Festival. Many of the region’s top arts organizations will participate, offering something for everyone. Turn to page 52 to preview the events.

No doubt you’re going to get hungry attending all the exhibits, concerts, talks and screenings. On page 58 we showcase an exciting new restaurant by local entrepreneur Sam Fox.

Lastly, whether you are dealing with the symptoms of chronic inflammation, or you know someone who is, be sure to read our In Health article on page 46.