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June 2017

In Health: Trending Nutrition
It seems every time you turn around you get conflicting news about food: fat is evil — no, wait, fat is healthy for you, it’s sugar that’s evil … who can keep it all straight? We offer nutrition information you can actually use.
Get In The Swim!
This swimsuit fashion feature was photographed poolside at Casino Del Sol Resort by Tom Spitz. Swimwear and accessories from Dillard’s were chosen by Monica Negri of Ten Outfits Style & Wardrobe Consulting.

Up Front
Notable: Jeremy Mikolajczak
Not To Be Missed: The Celebration: Casino Night

Arizona Summer Pleasures
What’s happening around the state this month, plus previews of upcoming events.
Check out this event in June.

Breaking Fast
The most important meal of the day really shines at these five eateries, all of which offer both sweet and savory dishes. Writer Sarah Burton takes us through the menu options.
Restaurant Guide
A comprehensive list of restaurants.

ABOUT THE COVER: Bridgitte Slagis photographed at Casino Del Sol Resort by Tom Spitz. Styled by Monica Negri/Ten Outfits Wardrobe & Consulting. Hair and makeup by Jacqueline Scordato/J. Scordato Salon. Suit by Jessica Simpson from Dillard’s. Accessories from Monica’s private collection.