Regional Artisans: Keep Calm and Color On!

Hand-painted on silk, worn by artist Beth Surdut

"Regal Horned Lizard"
9 x 12 inches, colored pencil on paper

"I Came So Far For Beauty"
29 x 38 inches, fiber-reactive dyes, resist on silk

"Mind Gardens"
10 x 60 inches, stained glass

Keep Calm and Color On!
Photos courtesy of Beth Surdut
Pablo Picasso once observed, “Painting is just another way to keep a diary.” It’s easy to get a glimpse into the rich and colorful life of Beth Surdut in her brilliant canvases, artful garments and other works.
She has traveled extensively and her career embraces such endeavors as non-fiction writing, Environmental education, radio essays, and even being a media strategist for political campaigns.
Her art — which includes depictions of wildlife, tropical flora, and mythical beings — demonstrates her skill with many forms, including painting, illustration, architectural art glass, textiles, prayer shawls, and murals. One could say that her art can be displayed, worn, listened to and read.
Though her works are on display internationally, Tucson has inspired The Art of Paying Attention, her illustrated nature radio series, which broadcasts on Arizona Spotlight/NPR and is available on Drawings and stories from the series can be seen at her upcoming exhibit April 15 through May 10 at the Ranch House Gallery at Agua Caliente Park, with “Paying Attention” workshops taking place April 23 and May 9.

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