Regional Artisans: Drawing Outside the Lives

Barbara Rogers in her studio

“ Life in the Shade #2” 
28 x 28 inches, oil on paper

“A Dangerous Collection”
28 x 40 inches, oil on paper

“Wild Around the Edges”
28 x 40 inches, oil on paper

Drawing Outside the Lives
Photos courtesy of Barbara Rogers
Transforming the landscape — with depictions of the places we inhabit, as well as the geography that exists only between our ears — is something that Barbara Rogers has excelled at for decades. The University of Arizona professor emeritus for painting and drawing at the School of Art creates works that are alive with color and distinctive forms. They look both familiar — like patterns from textiles seen in childhood — and yet alien in how things have been transformed and juxtaposed.
She has written of her art, “I make paintings to transcend daily life and the six o’clock news, to evoke the sublime, to reaffirm the existence of beauty and the critical importance of cherishing the earth.” Her creations have been shown in exhibitions from South Korea to San Francisco, as well as local venues such as the Tucson Museum of Art, University of Arizona Museum of Art and the Tucson International Airport.
Born and raised in Northern Ohio, she received a bachelor’s degree in art education from Ohio State University. Soon after moving to San Francisco, she began her graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute where she studied with Richard Diebenkorn and then completed her Master’s Degree in Painting at UC Berkeley.