Regional Artisan: The Art of the Steel

“Balance,” 85 x 41 x 22 inches,
fused glass and steel
“Swirl,” 24 x 12 x 10 inches,
fused glass and steel

Photos courtesy of Jane Hamilton Fine Art

Chicago native Peter Eisner moved to Arizona some 50 years ago, and fell in love with the desert landscape. “The dramatic scale of things there resonates with me,” he explains.
His sculptural pieces certainly show a passion for juxtaposing the colorful with the monochromatic, as well as exhibiting straight lines meeting curves, and showing other flashes of the Southwest in his abstract forms.
Some of his pieces — which are primarily steel — are intended to be shown outdoors, where they can provide a visual interaction with the landscape, while others are small, tabletop sculptures that can displayed inside. Finishes run the gamut from an oxidized patina to a glossy baked-on look, and select works incorporate glass elements. He also has crafted pieces that have a kinetic presentation.
Eisner has exhibited (temporarily and as permanent public art) in Fayetteville, North Carolina; Palo Alto, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Vail, Colorado, and many other locales. His sculptures currently can be seen at Jane Hamilton Fine Art in Tucson.

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