Letter from Editor

Let Us Acclimate You!

Editor Debby Larsen on a garden photo shoot. Photo by Robin Stancliff.

Becoming acclimated to Tucson is a lot more than just adjusting to temperatures. It’s learning about our desert landscape, architectural styles, design sense, and even how we entertain here.
This issue is filled with stories that will help you discover hidden gems in our amazing region, even if you’ve lived here for years. For example, our cover story will take you inside the residence of Scott Pask, an award-winning Broadway set designer who recently was responsible for creating the Tucson Botanical Gardens’ Frida Kahlo exhibit. See our shoot at his amazing modern home beginning on page 18.
We also visited Roberto and Karri Stowe, owners of the import store Zocalo. Their foothills casa is a showcase for houses extraordinary finds from Mexico, South America and Europe. Get a glimpse by turning to page 26.
Including native plants in landscape design benefits more than just the homeowners — it’s also important to a wide variety of desert creatures. We photographed the garden of Jennifer Patton and Ben Wilder, whose midtown space is a haven for birds, reptiles and even some mammals. Learn more about “going wild” on page 30.
Lastly, to help you to decide what and when to plant, prune, mulch, etc., read our month-to-month gardening guide, starting on page 12.