Letter from Editor

Hip, Hip, Bouquet!

Editor Debby Larsen on a photo shoot. Photo by Amy Haskell

The tradition of being married in June relates back to the Greek goddess Juno, protector of women, especially in marriage and childbirth.
This issue celebrates Southern Arizona weddings, with photographs from more than a dozen nuptials. These pictorials will provide you with endless ideas for everything from cakes to gowns to flowers. To help you in your planning, we’ve also included a comprehensive list of wedding and reception sites. The glamour of the unforgettable day begins on page 23.
Planning for the future also certainly describes home and garden projects, whether it’s a remodel or a new build. Starting on page 14, view the residence of Sarah McKenzie and Mark Conrad, which was constructed with a true Southwestern vibe. Read about how the two major players in the project — Home Designer Jenn Vee and Landscape Designer Shelly Ann Abbott — were instrumental in achieving the final results.
We may scale back some of our cooking aspirations during the summer months, but we still want to enjoy our kitchens. We dropped in on the homes of mother and daughter DeeAnne Gibbons and Shawndee Berwick, who share a love of culinary undertakings and entertaining, but have two very different styles of kitchens. See page 56 for DeeAnne’s digs, and page 58 for daughter Shawndee’s.  
Speaking of style, we visited the apartment home of retired professor of architecture Bob Nevins. Located on the grounds of a historic property, his dwelling is a showcase for his extensive art collection. His story begins on page 52.