Letter from Editor-In-Chief

The Big Picture

Editor-In-Chief Sue Giles
Photo by Jon Wolf Photography

Each year when we prepare our annual Newcomers Edition, we have conversations about what features to include. Our goal is not only to give new arrivals a taste of our community, but also provide fun and enlightening reads for those of us who have lived here a long time.
It was pretty easy to choose our cover story this year. Rocky LaRose has been a friend of Tucson Lifestyle’s throughout the years, assisting countless times with interviews for articles on University of Arizona Athletics. After her retirement from UA a few years ago, it was no surprise to us that she has turned into a very fine photographer (we always knew she was talented in multiple areas!) Her pictures of Southwestern landscapes and wildlife — starting on page 98 — will inspire you to explore the many exciting facets of our state.
One great way of experiencing Southern Arizona (being mindful of temperatures, of course) is on native trails. To get the lowdown on some of the best places to run and bike, Betsy Bruce spoke with expert runner/race organizer Randy Accetta, and cycling enthusiast/Ironman Susy Bacal. Their reports begin on page 112.
Many of these trails are in close proximity (or located within) one or another of Tucson’s must-see attractions. Our list, which kicks off on page 20, no doubt contains some places you’ve not yet visited.
Speaking of which, Sarah Burton checked out seven local restaurants that have opened within the last year. Turn to page 117 to find out what’s cookin’.
Lastly, our annual Medical Guide presents a comprehensive list of hospitals in our city, as well as an informative piece by Associate Editor Anne Kellogg on new medical technologies, and everything you need to know about urgent care facilities.