Letter from Editor-In-Chief

A Tour Thing!

This Is Us … Then!
First annual Angel Ball

The calendar has come ’round to that time again when many Tucsonans (and people from all over the world) converge to take part in El Tour de Tucson. We have previewed this popular perimeter cycling ride/race for years, and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to reprint one of the best El Tour posters as our cover. To learn about the history of the event and some of the famous folks who have participated,  turn to page 114 to get Betsy Bruce’s fun and informative take on the race.

Annual fundraisers are a big part of our Charity Register, which will not only introduce you to the National Philanthropy Day Award winners, it also provides a list of many local nonprofit groups and a calendar of their biggest events. Page 51 marks the beginning of the section.

One nonprofit organization that I have an especially strong connection with is Angel Charity for Children. You can definitely say that Angel Charity and Tucson Lifestyle have grown up together. Our magazine launched in the winter of 1982, and the first Angel Ball was held just a year later. I was an early volunteer for them, and my husband Chuck and I have attended many of their galas. (See the accompanying photo for a much-younger version of us.) The special section that begins on page 35 shares the history of this important group.

Lastly, before you try to figure out your dinner plans this month, be sure to read our story on local Italian restaurants, starting on page 132. Sarah Burton visited six very diverse eateries with a wide range of authentic cuisine.