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The Inside Story

Editor Debby Larsen on the photo shoot at the Gregson home. Photo by Amy Haskell.

Everyone loves a winner, even in the design world! Once again we present the annual awards handed out by the Arizona South Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. Peruse the pictorial of the first place winners beginning on page 30, and go to TucsonLifestyle.com (in Web Exclusive Content) to view the second- and third-place projects.

Tucson’s historic neighborhoods are a treasure trove of architectural styles, and eclectic interior design. One case in point is the 1940s-era home owned by Lynn and Rick Gregson. The couple says that they are “custodians” of the house, which has a long and storied history. They have adapted it to fit their lifestyle, and Lynn’s artistic touch is evident in every room. See the results of our photo shoot starting on page 20.

Though fall is in the air, there are plenty of opportunities to continue our gardening projects. Our story on outdoor spaces this month illustrates how you can combine plants and recycled finds to great effect. Turn to page 26 to see Klair and Jack Pirtle’s very personalized garden.

It wasn’t flowers, but the enticing scent of freshly baked biscottini that was in the air when we visited the site of Grandma Santi’s Biscottini. Discover the tempting creations of twin sisters Diane and Laura on page 46.

Lastly, we stopped by Madaras Art Gallery to photograph the winner of our recent contest to receive a Diana Madaras artwork. Meet the lucky recipient on page 47.